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Creative Music Club ran weekly for years 7 and above at Duchess Community High School in Alnwick on a Monday 3.45-5pm. I started Alnwick Creative Music Club (CMC) partly as a response to my own childrens' desire to play and make up music with their friends in a relaxed after-school club atmosphere. I am not the greatest instrumentalist in the world but that has never stopped me from writing songs and messing around with tunes and words and I hope that, at least, I have passed on a bit of that confidence to the kids who have taken part. It surpassed my greatest hopes and taught me no end about the human need to create.

We became part of BlueJam and had a wonderful collaboration throughout 2012 on a song for the Olympics, with the support of Woodhorn Colliery Museum's Hadrian's Wall of Sound project. This ended with us singing in Hall 1 of the Sage! We've recorded our own song with a professional engineer and have been visited by many great composers and musicians. In 2016 we have produced 3 videos of our favourite songs https://youtu.be/FAUox6xWqJA is one of them!

I am immensely proud of this endeavour and would love to hear from anyone who would like to do this kind of work - I'd love to offer training/shadowing/mentoring, for free! contact me - sarahcgray@aol.com


BlueJam Creative Music Club
8th September 2016

Stretch and Sing

 Next Stretch and Sing is at Lindisfarne Festival, end of August

Stretch and Sing is a constantly developing project dreamed up by Sarah Gray and Becca Poremba. Sarah is a voice worker and Becca a yoga teacher, and they have a very similar approach when it comes to the nourishment and development of their respective disciplines, in themselves and others.

 So what does it actually involve?

 Becca introduces the attention to breath and relaxation that is the main focus of the workshop, and throughout the session through various exercises she gently extends awareness of the body and how it relates to the voice. Sarah works on the release of the voice and through simple songs and vocalising develops understanding further into how the voice and body connect, create and express. It's not designed to 'show up' anyone in any way and any challenge you meet is taken at your own pace.

The two disciplines are interwoven throughout the workshop in a complementary fashion. Previous participants have described the sessions as very relaxing and have been astonished at the harmonies created in a short while with people meeting as a group for the first time.

You are invited to share any concerns you might have about physical restrictions or vocal worries, or indeed any areas you may want to work on, either before the workshop or during the session. Becca and Sarah are very experienced in adapting their practice to suit the individual. To book the next Stretch and Sing please email sarahcgray@aol.com, ring or text 07832 118718 or leave a message on our Stretch and Sing Facebook page. 

8th November 2012

Ocean Choir

Ocean Choir

Ocean Choir - an idea given to me by a fellow sea-swimmer, Jane Hardy. Why not go and sing in the sea? This happened pretty spontaneously, and we pulled it together in a couple of weeks. I had 2 songs in mind straight away, the Selkie Song (suggested to me by Paul, a member of Harbour Lights) and 'There Is so Much Magnificence' by Deva Premal and Miten, taught to me by Michael Harper. 

I prepared some sound files, bunged the event advert on Facebook, and took it from there. Jane and I happen to know a terrific woman called Liza Cole who is the Ranger at St Abb's Head and she agreed with us that Pettico Wick was the perfect location. She and Jane and another swimmer/photographer, Andy, generously provided wetsuits as needed and soon, a dozen hardy souls from all walks of life and levels of singing/swimming experience agreed to assemble on the evening of Monday 5 August 2019 to sing in harmony. 

We had a rehearsal on the cliffs - the view!! - and then got into our wetsuits and braved the waves, which were 'coming in' gently but persistently as we sang. I was overwhelmed, as I often am, by the generous-hearted participants who come along to many of my choirs/workshops/whatever-you-call-this-mad-one. Few people knew each other before - they left as friends! Even those nervous of the North Sea stayed and swam afterwards and had a fantastic evening. Fish and Chips afterwards in Eyemouth. What could be better?

Video on Youtube - google Ocean Choir, Sarah Singer Gray

And the point of it all? NONE WHATSOEVER! Except Fun!