BlueJam Arts
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Blue Jam Arts

I am the NE Director of BlueJam Arts - an innovative and inclusive music and arts collaboration based in Penrith, delivering a host of musical projects and spoken word programmes. The organisation offers a full programme of workshop, training, professional and community performance activities. Sessions are run in the community, in schools, for youth, adult and inter -generational groups. 

BlueJam Arts members initiate and collaborate on music, film performance and digital art-centred work. The group's specialism is improvisation, which they pursue through jazz workshops and performances. 


Blue Jam Online

Sadly, owing to the Covid-19 social distancing measures, all BlueJam in-person programmes are currently paused. However, creativity will always find a way - and the following sessions and projects are being delivered online:

  • Children’s Orchestra

  • ParentSing

  • Jilly’s Jazz Singing Sessions

  • Girls in Jazz

  • Linking Hands through Song

  • Find Space in Silence – Poetry

Visit the BlueJamArts website to find out more