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I am an experienced voice teacher, passionate about the way the voice works and how it can work for each individual.

Having done a great deal of work on my own voice, I understand the importance of taking a person-centred approach to singing teaching; be it with absolute 

beginners or professionals.

I have 20 years experience of teaching all age groups and teach Trinity Guildhall Grade Exams up to Grade 8.

I began teaching online in Spring 2020 - and was thrilled to discover that the technology lends itself perfectly to voice tuition, while preserving the intimacy of the student-teacher relationship.



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Would you like to learn to sing?

I offer Masterclasses as well as one-to-one lessons. Whether, you are a complete beginner looking start singing for the first time, or are more experienced and looking develop your skills - I'd love to help. 

Do get in touch, so we can create a programme that's right for you. 

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