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Stretch and Sing

I deliver Stretch and Sing Workshops with Becca Poremba; a yoga teacher. We have a very similar approach when it comes to the nourishment and development of our complementary disciplines, as we work together and with others.

What does it involve?

Becca introduces attention to the breath and relaxation which is the main focus of the workshop.  Then, using a sequence of exercises, she gently extends your awareness of your body and how it connects with your voice.


My role is to help you release your voice through vocalising and singing simple songs. As you work with us you will gain a better understanding of how your voice and body connect, create and express. You work at your own pace throughout.

Previous participants describe the sessions as very relaxing and have been astonished at the harmonies we create so quickly within a group meeting for the first time.

We are very experienced in adapting our practice to suit the individual. We encourage you to share any concerns you might have about your physical limitations or your voice before the workshop and during the session. We are flexible and will adapt to support you. 


To Book 

To book your place on the next Stretch and Sing please email, ring or text 07832 118718 or leave a message on our Stretch and Sing Facebook Group page.