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Sing For Water 2017

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

My piece Lights, written for Amble’s Community Choir Harbour Lights, was selected as one of 7 songs for a national charity festival, Thames Water’s Sing For Water in 2017. Choirs from around the UK learned it and gathered in September at The Scoop, South Bank to perform it.

It was an amazing and humbling feeling to hear over 500 singers singing my song, and putting Amble on the map….. It was especially poignant for me because the song was introduced by my singing mentor Michael Harper and started off by Mouthful, a wonderful a cappella group originating from Sage Gateshead, all of them singers and fellow community musicians I had long admired. Until the day before, I hadn’t known it was to begin with their performance and it brought a lump to my throat!

Best of all was knowing that the choir I lead was among the throng and feeling the same way as me; the wonderful Harbour Lights Community Choir, who give me as much as I give them.

CLICK on the link below to watch the Sing for Water Video by Pete Burnham

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