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What Shall We Do With a Croaky Singer?

Throw her in the sea! Well, that's one thing I have done post-Covid and it certainly isn't doing any harm.

I get it now, I understand all the comments from people I have taught over the last two years about the recovering voice after a bout of that horrible virus. I have also listened to Sophie, my erstwhile student, and now friend and excellent singing teacher in her own right, who told me that there is nothing speedy about recovery, but you do get there! Back to basics, and practice little and often. That's what I am going to try. Stretch & Sing will certainly help, as it's all about listening and whole body connection.

Trouble is, and again referring back to the sea, seeing the new Fisherman's Friends movie has inspired me to delve into a gorgeous illustrated book of sea shanties my sister bought me and find some beauties. You can't mutter those gently under your breath! I am also giving into my great love of soul (quite old soul music, admittedly) and arranging some sixties numbers for our Soup & Sing sessions, first weekend in October.

Yes, October! And every choir leader has also been knee-deep in carols and Christmas (yes I said the word) material for at least a fortnight already. I am literally rubbing my hands in glee - breaking off to type - thinking about the singing ahead.

Don't know exactly what it is going to sound like, but I am going to take it slow and work on that technique and fingers crossed, all our croaky voices will 'hooray, and up she rises!' er-lie in the morning.

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