Short piece about empowerment and owning your own space.



  • Gospel-type round / groove.  A 6-bar round sung forcefully and with attitude. 
  • Good for marches, large and small groups and lends itself to instrumentation with as much improvised  percussion and hand drumming as you like.


    UNLIMITED Song License - I Know my Mind

    • Unlimited: You are licenced to teach, sing, perform, record with a group or groups of any number of people. 


      • Double-up soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts if wished.
      • From bar 18, an 8-bar groove can be built up starting with the bass part, then soprano 2 and alto 2 to establish a groove. 
      • Soprano 1 and tenor have alternative tune in uinson, sung staccato. I like to do a small vocal flick on the 'I'.
      • Alto 1 brings the tune back in, but note this is a 6 bar melody so watch the entrance points. The group could be further broken down into a round again if you wish. 
      • Further improvised solos can be woven in or come to the fore as parts drop out.