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A light, airy doo-wap. with the melody held in the bass part - an unusual treat for them! Inspired by my irritating 'morning person' personality, it is actually meant to be sung to a child.


Choir Leaders' Notes


  • Needs to be really breezy; practice the tenor part particularly to prevent it being leaden
  • Double up the tenors with some of your altos, and you can split the higher parts between altos and sopranos
  • I get the bass part to do a little shuffle/dance in the middle 'instrumental' section.


COMING SOON - Song Sample MP3

UNLIMITED License - Bagpipes for Breakfast

  • Unlimited: You are licenced to teach, sing, perform, record with a group or groups of any number of people. 

    Sarah C Gray wants to make it as convenient and economical as possible for you to perform her work. So, she has devised a simple, Unlimited License pricing model that she hopes accomplishes just that.

    When you choose the Unlimited License, you will be able to download the score in PDF format. We only ask that you honour the following terms.

    License terms for choral music distributed by SARAH C GRAY

    The PURCHASER is defined as the individual or performing organisation who buys the download license for a specific work for his, her or its own use.

    • The COMPOSER is the publisher and retains all copyrights and rights to administer mechanical and recording licenses.
    • Through SARAH C GRAY, the COMPOSER grants permission for PURCHASER to make an unlimited number of copies as the license permits for their own use, in order to rehearse and perform the work.
    • PURCHASER agrees to make copies for its own use ONLY. Transference, loan, or resale of music purchased from SARAH C GRAY to individuals or organisations outside of PURCHASER’s own organisation is a violation of the licensing agreement and subject to prosecution.


    • PURCHASER may use music purchased from SARAH C GRAY indefinitely for future performances.
    • By purchasing this download license from SARAH C GRAY, PURCHASER automatically agrees to this licensing agreement in its entirety.


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