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Vocal Coach
Workshop Leader

Find Your Voice with Me


What I Do

I help people express their voice. Whether in workshops, master classes, 1 to 1, online or in the room. I enable people to learn singing technique, gain confidence and achieve their personal goals. 








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   Sarah has been teaching me for ten years. In that time she has helped me understand and stop bad habits, developed my technique, taught me theory and helped build my confidence.

   Over the ten years I have completed three singing examinations; Grade 8 being the most recent for which she helped me gain a Distinction; one of my proudest achievements and something widely recognised in the industry.

   Sarah provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for you to learn and grow as a singer.                                                      Sophie 

"The choir sessions are a joy under Sarah’s leadership. She gets the best out us with her good humour, patience and belief in us as singers. She is more a friend than a task master!” 

Harbour Lights Community Choir

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