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Post-Masterclass, Thinking Ahead

Singing is hard work, and fun, and disciplined, and energising, and exhausting, and joyful. We must practice, as with all instruments, and we must recognise that some days are better than others, some days we are tense and preoccupied, and that singing, being such a physical activity, is harder on those days.

However, the discipline of having something to aim for, with a ’deadline’ is very useful. Masterclasses have, once again, proved to be valuable to me and my students. I reviewed some of the songs I have been teaching to GCSE and A Level candidates over the last 15 years, and to those studying for Trinity Guildhall Graded Practical Exams, and invited my students to work on them. They seized this opportunity I am glad to say, and we had a fine old time sharing them during the last two months.

What’s next?

Rather than relax a bit, and in the face of the usual bugs and sore throats (not to mention you-know-what), I am asking people to take their voice conditioning further still by tackling one of the songs in this marvellous project, 24 Italian Songs and Arias and Voices This project is nothing to do with me, by the way! However I have found this book a very useful tool when introducing people to Classical singing. It is an old friend that I would like to spend some time with, this winter. So if it takes your fancy, drop me a line and we will talk about lessons in the New Year. £25 online (45 mins) via Zoom, or £35 in person (currently an hour, in a large space with door and window open).

To be honest, I am looking forward to a break as much as the next person. But music consumes me and singing is my passion, so I will still be practicing (I am looking over my glasses at my pupils here, to check they are paying attention! Make sure you sing some carols at the very least!)

And....... the weather outside really is frightful.

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